Will Upgrading A Vehicle Void Its Warranty

Many people who are interested in purchasing a Subaru in Libertyville are unsure if their factory warranty will cover the car after they install modifications. To ease their mind, let’s take a closer look at vehicle upgrades and how they affect your warranty.


Will Upgrading Void The Warranty?


Although many car owners believe that making modifications to their vehicles will void their warranties, this is far from the truth. A modification is unlikely to terminate the guarantee unless the dealer can prove that it was an aftermarket product that caused the necessity for a repair. However, this is a dangerous gamble. Adding an aftermarket part that damages the engine might pose a problem. This is because it might be hard for the vehicle owner to prove that the part did not play a part in the engine failure. The automaker might not be willing to pay for a brand new engine if there is a likelihood that an aftermarket add-on caused the old one's failure.


Which Modifications Are Safe?


Since it is tough to tell what parts are likely to fail someday, it is hard to suggest safe and unsafe upgrades. However, there are a number of modifications that are less likely to void a driver’s warranty. These include:




Although upgrading a car’s wheels will not make it run faster, it is a nice way to enhance its appeal without voiding the warranty in the process. There might be some minor warranty concerns when it comes to upgrading wheels, but they will not be costly to the driver.


Upgrades From The Manufacturer


This is another safe upgrade for drivers. Although many vehicle manufacturers do not stock aftermarket upgrades and go-fast parts, there are some brands that do. Normally, buying an aftermarket upgrade from the manufacturer will not void the warranty. Although drivers might be required to pay more for the part, they can have peace of mind knowing that their warranties are still valid since they bought the upgrades from the vehicle manufacturer.


Modifications That Are Likely To Void A Car Warranty


If a vehicle experiences failure due to upgrades from aftermarket parts installation, the dealer or manufacturer has the right to void the warranty for that particular part. This means that a driver will have to pay for the part repairs from the pocket. Although the part might not have caused the failure, it is hard to prove that sometimes. In such a case, the dealer will not be willing to pay for a new part if they think that there is a chance that the failure is linked to aftermarket add-ons.


Vehicle owners need to be very careful when making any upgrades to their automobiles. They should avoid making major performance upgrades and leave the aftermarket parts and installations to the professionals. If anything goes wrong after the parts have been added, they should be ready to lose their warranties.

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