The fastest Subaru cars that will satisfy your need for speed

Subaru is an automaker known for its good-looking and swift cars. If you are a car enthusiast who has a strong desire to go fast on the road, then you should consider this manufacturer. Before you head out to the nearest Subaru dealership in Libertyville, here are the fastest car models from this brand.


1. SVX


Not a lot of people probably remember the SVX, but it is considered one of the fastest cars launched in the 1990s. This rare vehicle is an off-the-wall replacement to the Toyota Supra or Mitsubishi 300GT. Therefore, you can be sure that this car is locked and loaded, and ready to rocket on the street. If you are fortunate to find it, buying a used SVX and tweaking it a bit can transform it into a flawless speedy machinery.


2. BRZ


The BRZ is the car designed for the racer in you but it will not hurt your wallet compared to other sports cars. This vehicle has a humble price tag but offers amazing performance in the open road. This car is also a rarity, with only hundreds of models produced every year. Therefore, if you want a limited-edition fast car, this is the one you that should go for. The BRZ is the best toy for the big boy who desires speed.


3. WRX


It seems like the three-letter models from Subaru are some of the fastest cars from this brand. The WRX is not one to lag behind its peers. This car provides exhilarating performance that can satiate your desire to go fast. It has a powerful engine beneath it that delivers pure power with every rev. It is a dynamic ride that promises utmost stability, and thanks to its new seat designs, they feel snuggly as if they hug you for absolute back support.


4. Impreza WR1


A classic in terms of this brand’s lineup, the Impreza WR1 is one its best high-performing vehicles. This car looks like a great combination of a sports car and a muscle car. It is fast and it can also flex some guns when on the road. It is designed to intimidate other cars, although it does not need to do that because it can simply drive past them with ease. Apparently, this fast car was made to celebrate Petter Solberg’s win in the 2003 World Rally Championship. Only 500 units of this vehicle came out of production and it sold out immediately upon release.

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