Preparing Your Vehicle For Winter Driving

The winter weather can wreak havoc on a vehicle, making it prudent for everyone to be prepared before the onset of the harshest conditions. Drivers should plan weeks ahead of the winter season when the temperatures begin to drop. Here are some ways that a driver can have their Subaru Outback in Libertyville ready for safe driving during winter.


Winter Tires


Drivers are advised not to wait for snowfall to change their vehicles’ tires. Normally, tires start becoming ineffective at 7 degrees Celsius.  Winter tires are made of softer rubber, allowing them to remain flexible at low temperatures. The right time to swap tires is in November since this is when temperatures begin to go down slowly. They should change all the four tires before winter comes.


Add A Wax Coating To Your Vehicle


Adding a fresh coat of wax before winter starts can help in protecting a vehicle against possible damage by salt and dirt on the roads. Although road salt helps in combating icy roads, it can cause monumental damage to cars over time since it is corrosive. The wax should be applied especially on the lower parts of the vehicle that include the front grille, quarter panels, and behind the wheels. This is because those are the areas where salt and snow stay the longest.


Monitor Tire Pressure


It is prudent for drivers to check their car tire pressure once every month, especially during the coldest months. This is because tires pressure drops as the temperatures get lower. Under-inflated tires do not perform well. Tire pressure is normally measured by pounds per square inch. If a driver is not certain about their tires PSI levels, they can seek help from experts to determine that.


Make Sure that Windshield Wipers Are Winter-Ready


During the heavy downpour, windshield wipers can save a driver's life but the wiping rubber wears down over time. That is why drivers are advised to have them changed once per year. The experts who do it normally clean the windshields first before having the drivers use the new wipers. This is because they can get stuck on the windows, causing damage to the new wipers. Carrying extra windshield wiper fluid is also a wise thing to do in winter.


Carry A Winter Emergency Driving Kit


Drivers are exposed to risks on the road during the cold season, which is why it is prudent to have an emergency kit in case of such eventualities. Some of the most important things to stock in the kit include an ice scraper, windshield wiper fluid, and fuel antifreeze. Other items include a shovel, booster cables, kitty litter, and traction mats. A flashlight and a lifesaver jacket are essential as they can help a stuck driver get noticed by other motorists and get help. To avoid draining their batteries and gas tanks, drivers should carry survival candles and matches to help them keep warm. Finally, they should pack emergency food and water.

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