Get Summer Ready with the Subaru WRX

Leaves budding on trees and a breeze with a hint of warmth - the early signs of spring in Highland Park are typically met with short sleeves and sandals, but Subaru drivers are focused on buckling up and starting their engines.  As driving conditions improve, Subaru WRX drivers are ready to take their all-wheel drive, fuel-efficient cars on the road for some fun. The sunroof open, wind in your hair, and driving on your next road trip canoeing in Grand Rapids for the weekend - the Subaru way. A road trip should be filled with too many gas station snacks and songs to sing at the top of your lungs, and a new Subaru WRX is the perfect addition to the start of your summer.


Basic Car Checklist

Many Subaru WRX drivers have winter and summer tires, don’t wait too late to swap them. If you’ve got all-season tires, you’re ready for anything. Remember to check the air pressure, the psi can be found in the owner’s manual or on the inside door. Treat yourself to new windshield wipers after the damage of a Chicago winter, you’ll be glad.


Under the Hood

Like humans, the Subaru WRX and other cars require healthy fluid levels to operate smoothly and efficiently. If you’ve been enjoying your new Subaru WRX over the winter months, pop the hood to check your washer fluid, motor oil, and coolant levels to make sure you’re fully stocked and ready to hit the road.


Fun in the Sun

With your new Subaru purring like a kitten, grab your favorite passengers, enjoy the vehicle’s impressive entertainment system, set the navigation system with your route of choice, and see where your WRX takes you.


Visit Muller Subaru Highland Park, Illinois to test drive the newest Subaru WRX to find the perfect vehicle for your summer fun.


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