4 Car Features that are Hard to Ignore

Technology is constantly evolving and the difference between makes and models from a few years ago can be jarring. There are several great examples of how luxury technology can be incorporated into practical vehicle designs. Just a few years ago, drivers turned to aftermarket parts in order to get the comfortable ride they need. Now, convenient features like touchscreens and naturally-balanced engines come standard. This helps to give drivers peace of mind.

Before drivers fall in love with a used car, they should consider some of the new features included in cars. Whether they select a Subaru Crosstrek in Libertyville or a custom car, they need to understand just how much these features can change the driving experience.


Touchscreens are not new to the 2017 models, but they are a car feature impossible to ignore. Rather than fiddle with knobs and buttons while driving, modern manufacturers use a simple touchscreen to help drivers navigate and activate features. While there are many manufacturers who utilize the technology, it is interesting to see just how connected everything has become. The screen often includes a multimedia system that connects to the driver’s favorite apps and keeps them in control over their music.

Balanced Engine

Technology has changed how quickly a vehicle can “get up and go.” While the changes may seem small, these redesigns and modified layouts help cars increase overall efficiency. It also makes a noticeable difference in power. This doesn’t just change how the vehicle drives; these features affect the overall maintenance of a vehicle.

Trunk Space

Drivers love increased storage spaces and manufacturers are taking note. While some vehicles include fold-down seats to increase space, others work to improve legroom. This helps make smaller options, such as sedans, a more practical choice for drivers.

Driver-Assist Technology

Safety is important no matter what vehicle a person is driving. One of the biggest benefits of a new vehicle is that it can monitor traffic and warn the driver if they are about to drift into another lane. Other popular safety features include steering responsive headlights, which help to increase visibility. These powerful features can help drivers steer clear of potential hazards, promoting better driving conditions.

As technology continues to grow, these excellent features will likely evolve. In the meantime, it is hard to go back to not having these conveniences. Added trunk space, improved safety, and touchscreen features make driving a more enjoyable experience.

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