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Clear & Simple Subaru Financing Options

Muller Subaru Highland Park IL

A number of our Subaru enthusiasts have sterling credit and are ready to leap directly into a finance application (*or insert link/landing page of choice here*) with gusto. That's fantastic-but we understand many of you reading this may be working through a damaged credit situation.

Here's the good news: Good credit, bad credit, or no credit, at Muller Subaru, we're willing to work with all of you. It's part of the Muller Way.

Do one or more of the following apply?

1. You experience difficulty getting banks to approve you for a car loan.

2. You collect a low income and/or lack the cash to commit to a significant down payment.

3. Your credit score is damaged and/or low.

4. You lack a credit history altogether.

If any of the aforementioned are applicable, don't fret-our experienced professionals are ready to work diligently on your behalf!

"But Am I Really Eligible for Financing? How Does This Work?"

We understand you may be a bit skeptical. If you've been turned down for a loan or financing previously, the thought of laboring through the process once more may seem, shall we say, less than ideal.

That's why we want to be transparent about the process. For those concerned over their credit situation, we offer a Finance Prequalification option. This swift, online-only process requires only a basic level of information and a short time commitment on your part. It also enables us to make a prompt determination regarding the financing options available to you today.

Make no mistake: Everything is kept secure and confidential. And once your pre-qualification form is submitted and you've received an affirmative response from the Muller team, you can elect to pay us a visit at our dealership here in Highland Park to complete the financing process.

"Is There a Way I Can Expedite the Finance Application Process?"

We're glad you asked! You can absolutely speed along the process of hopping into your next new or used automobile.

After pre-qualification, we suggest that the best way to rev up finance approval is by toting along these important items on your dealership visit:

1. Driver's License or state-issued identification.

2. Proof of income. Proof of income includes both a numerical total of what you've been paid by your employer year-to-date as well as a pay stub from the previous month. Additional pay stubs may also be helpful. If you're self-employed, a tax return from the past year is preferable. Also, don't forget to bring proof of any additional sources of income-these may include social security, alimony or child support, or even legal settlements. Please note that such documents are absolutely not required, but may buoy your case for a sweet financing deal

3. Proof of residence. Consider bringing a mortgage statement, utility or phone bill, or even some form of personalized mail.

4. Proof of insurance. Carry any proof of third-party liability insurance you have to the dealership.

5. References. If there's a friend or family member(s) open to speaking on your behalf, have their full name and contact details on hand.

6. Vehicle details. Already have an incredible machine you specifically have your eye on? Superb! Consider printing off our listing and taking it with you.

7. Cash down payment. If you're planning on purchasing a vehicle the same day, you'll likely want to already have your money-down payment at the ready, if applicable.

Please bear in mind these are suggestions-if you lack one or more of the above items, we encourage you to pay us a visit at 1350 Park Ave. West, regardless!

Questions or concerns? We're eager to address them. Give us a ring at (224) 757-1590 today!

Muller Subaru Highland Park IL