The Success of Subaru in America

A reputation for quality engineering, excellent customer service, and practical design have kept Subaru as one of the most popular car models sold in America. Subaru has a proud legacy of sport sedans, built on motorsport credentials - fun and speed. The Subaru WRX is the latest offering of its pedigree, the superior handling, stability, and fuel economy make it a no-brainer  for Illinois drivers. All-road capability is essential to get where you’re headed and keep you safe in treacherous conditions. Zipping around the city, commuting to work everyday, heading out on road trips, and smiling with each mile is the Subaru way of life.



Subarus are hardworking, reliable all-road drive cars that can make it through the toughest Chicago winters. Slippery, slushy streets are no match for the Subaru WRX’s exceptional control, handling, and stopping powers. Drive with confidence and feel safe in the Subaru WRX; the exclusive Eyesight System applies brakes when a potential collision is detected, like someone veering in your lane on the highway. Blind spot detection and an exterior parking camera make tight parking spots easy to maneuver will save your bumper. The Subaru WRX has been collecting awards for front crash prevention with Eyesight, resale value, Ward’s 10 best engines of 2016, and more.


Genius Marketing

During the ultra competitive 90s SUV craze, Subaru made its mark on the scene with Crocodile Dundee’s Paul Hogan. Behind the wheel of a Subaru, Crocodile Dundee was able to showcase the stability and handling of an all wheel drive car that was practical for Americans. Since the traction of Crocodile Dundee, Subaru has captured the driving spirit in commercials with Lance Armstrong.


Legacy with no Carbon Footprint

Subaru’s impressive commitment to zero waste, giving back to the community, and inclusivity make them a responsible, forward-thinking company. Throwing out a coffee cup creates more waste than a Subaru factory. With a long history of supportive charity work, Subaru’s commitment to the community goes above and beyond most corporations and Muller Subaru is a proud dealer of the exceptional WRX.


Visit Muller Subaru Highland Park to find out why America loves Subaru and to book your test drive of the Subaru WRX today.

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