The Subaru Legacy

What does the word legacy mean to you? For many, it’s what we leave behind to those we love after our time in life is done. It’s something we want to be remembered for. It could be financial security or business resources that the next generation will use to better themselves and the lives of their families. A legacy could mean leaving behind a family tradition of service, of helping others, and of paying it forward to other human beings around the world.


At Subaru, the legacy they consistently pass on to their customers is one of commitment to building cars that will last for generations in your family. The company believes in versatility in the vehicles you purchase, along with safety and the peace of mind that your car-buying choice was a smart one. Nowhere is this combination of qualities more apparent than in the Subaru Legacy.


The aptly-named Subaru Legacy model has been with loyal customers like you since the late ‘80s when it first premiered to audiences. Now it’s all grown up and is better than ever. The Legacy has the biggest total interior volume than any other sedan in its class. That means it beats out Ford, Mazda, and Toyota hands-down. The spacious interior features state-of-the-art audio and navigation systems, leather seating, and plenty of features to keep passengers in all of the seats happy and comfortable. 


Safety features include technology that assists with Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross Traffic Alerts. The vehicles are also outfitted with a pre-collision braking feature. And STARLINK Safety and Security systems mean you’re never alone on your journey. In fact, Subaru is always just the push of a button away.


There’s a reason that 96% of the Subaru vehicles sold in the last decade are still running strong today. Subaru promised you long-lasting quality that you can count on. They meant it, and that’s a legacy worth having.


To learn more about the Subaru Legacy and the company commitment to its customers, contact Muller Subaru in Highland Park, Illinois, or call 888-471-5314 today to set up a test drive.

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