Impressive Subaru Cars that Are Worth Every Penny

Subaru is known for manufacturing some of the impressive all-wheel-drive cars that you can see on the streets. Therefore, if you are searching for a good-looking car that can depend on, be it summer or winter, then you should look no further than a Subaru dealership in Libertyville. Before you head out, here are some of the impressive cars that you need to take for a test drive when you visit the dealership.


1. BRZ


The BRZ is an outstanding coupe that comes with a classic yet classy design. It has an amazing engine that provides a decent hauling power that isn’t quite common in a coupe. It is one of the most enjoyable coupes to drive because of its topnotch handling and super-responsive steering. When you see this car, it is difficult to take your eyes off it because of its truly lavish appeal. Aesthetics and performance are the real wheelhouses of this amazing ride.


2. Impreza


When it comes to utmost driving safety, nothing can easily beat the agile Impreza. Based on many car tests, this vehicle came out on top and is known for having a great safety history. Its hot hatch version is an epitome of luxury driving and sexy appeal. It may seem compact from the outside but the interior of the car offers comfortable seats and spacious cabin room. Overall, the Impreza is one of the best cars that gives utmost value for every dollar that you spend on it.


3. WRX STi


If you want a car that has the same appeal and performance of a sports car but without that steep price tag then the WRX STi is an amazing choice. This hot hatch is one of the most agile cars from this brand. Moreover, it is also one of the most good-looking vehicles that has utmost consideration in aerodynamics.


4. Outback


When it comes to having amazing off-road capabilities, the Outback is one of the best cars that you can rely on. It is a massive transport vehicle that ensures a comfortable ride even when it is fully packed. It can also handle a sizable cargo without any problem. Its huge engine powers all its four wheels, which is why it provides outstanding hauling power. It is also one of the safest crossovers in the market, thanks to its safety features such as pre-collision braking, lane departure signaling, and adaptive cruise control.


5. Ascent


A powerful, all-wheel drive, three-row SUV, Ascent offers exceptional handling and cornering. This mid-size crossover SUV is available in a brand new model for 2019 that features Android Auto and Apple CarPlay standard. Lane keeping assist and automated emergency braking are two more important features that come standard. Ascent is a leader in 3rd row and cargo space; great for folks on the go!

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