How Often Should You Replace the Fluids In a Vehicle?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle’s engine and even those who have never changed it know it is important. They also know how often it needs to be changed. However, that is not the only fluid that a vehicle needs to operate efficiently. How often should a driver check the fluids in their Subaru Impreza in Libertyville? Below is a guide to help vehicle owners keep their vehicles in tip-top shape.


Engine Oil


Engine oil should be checked every time a driver fills up their tanks with gas. However, most modern vehicles should be checked once per month. Replacing the engine oils depends on the manufacturer and the year the vehicle was manufactured. All auto dealers can help drivers determine how often they should have their engine oil checked.


Transmission Fluid


This normally depends on the kind of vehicle. Some vehicles have a second dipstick under their hood that is the same as the oil dipstick, making it easy to check the transmission fluid. However, in some cases, it is not easy to do so and drivers have to seek the services of experts. They should have the transmission fluid checked every time they get an oil change.


Coolant And Brake Fluid


As a rule of thumb, the coolant level is supposed to be checked twice a year. The first check should be just before summer and the second check before winter. On the other hand, brake fluid should be checked during an oil change or once per year. Basically, the vehicle’s brake fluid reservoirs and coolant tank can be seen under the hood. They have MIN/MAX markings on the side to show the ideal levels of the respective fluids. If not sure, it would be better for drivers to have the fluids checked by professionals.


Power Steering Fluid


The power steering fluid helps in keeping the steering easy and smooth. The first indication that it is beginning to get low is a feel of creaking in the steering wheel or weird noises. Checking the steering fluid requires the hood to be popped open to access the reservoir. This fluid does not drop too much and so, if a driver notices that it is low, the right thing is to take the vehicle to a dealer. The power steering fluid should be checked once every month. It needs to be replaced after 30,000 miles. Some lucky people have cars that come with the new-fangled electric steering systems. This means that they don’t have to worry about the fluid at all.


It is critical to follow the manufacturers’ recommendations when it comes to checking these fluids. New vehicles come with more maintenance requirements than older ones. Vehicle owners should check the fluids as required to ensure their car functions efficiently and does not cost them in the long-run.

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