Best Subaru cars for the urban family in Libertyville

If you are an avid car aficionado and have a growing family, then you should look for a vehicle that satisfies both your need for speed and the need of the whole family. You may want to invest in a spacious vehicle to accommodate the entire gang and their haul. Moreover, it is a smart idea to go for a car that offers the utmost safety on the road. However, as a carophile, that does not mean you can’t go in a fast car. With these main considerations in mind, one of the best brands that you should look into is Subaru. Here are the reasons why you should consider a Subaru Impreza, XV, Forester, or Outback in Libertyville.


1. Impreza


The Subaru Impreza is a handsome hatchback that can cater to the needs of a growing family. If you want a car that you can depend on but a bit low on the budget, this one is a great choice. This vehicle boasts an amazing fuel economy and is considered top of its class among its peers. Still, you are not getting very little from this car. It has a huge interior space for the whole family. It guarantees comfortable seating for everyone. Therefore, it is a great car to drive for long-distance travel with your loved ones.


An impressive feature on this vehicle deals with safety. Apparently, after undergoing a series of safety tests, this car scored one of the highest. Moreover, it passed with flying colors in terms of crash testing.


2. XV


If you and your family love to take the road less traveled (i.e. off-road) then the XV is the best car for you. Underneath its good-looking shell, this car carries a solid body that remains stable even when you drive it on uneven pavements. It is not one of this car brand’s most popular name plates for nothing. Its amazing style is backed by an equally amazing performance as well.


3. Forester


Another option for families who off-road is the Forester. This compact SUV offers a lot of passenger and cargo space so it will never be a problem if you travel with the family and have to bring a large haul with you. Even if it is a powerful vehicle, it does not waste fuel because it has good fuel economy scores. Additionally, it is perfect for the family because it has a ton of safety features that will give you utmost peace of mind when you travel on the Forester. The advanced tech that you can find in this car is the EyeSight system, which lets you take advantage of automatic braking when you back the car.


4. Outback


The family wagon suitable for the gang is the Outback. This vehicle is large enough to cater to a big group and their luggage. Its seats are spacious that it guarantees a comfortable riding experience. It offers a premium exterior and interior that any carophile can truly be proud of.

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