Best station wagons in Libertyville for your growing family

If you want a car that provides amazing functionality, huge passenger and cargo space, top-notch safety features, and a great driving experience that can satisfy the needs of your family, then a station wagon is your best option. There are lots of station wagons to choose from in Libertyville such as the Subaru Outback, Volkswagen Golf SportWagen, Volvo V90, or Audi Allroad to name a few. Check out what these station wagons have to offer to see if they meet your needs.


1. Subaru Outback


The great thing about the Outback is that it can provide you with a stable ride on and off-road. Therefore, as a family man and an adventurer, you can enjoy this car because it can satisfy your need to safely drive around the family and your desire to explore the great outdoors. From just a single look, you will already know that this car is more premium than other station wagons. It is well-designed and its interior comes with an upscale trim. Its base model already comes with an all-wheel-drive feature, which makes driving around town fun. Its amazing infotainment system allows navigation through a phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.


2. Volkswagen Golf SportWagen


When it comes to reliable and fun to drive station wagons, the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen is one that is never missed from the list. This car arrives with a high-performance engine under the hood so you can be sure that it hauls a huge amount of power every time you step on the accelerator. It is extremely responsive and it allows you to move fast and maneuver easily. It has a great reliability score, which proves that it is one of the safest station wagons to drive with your family. Moreover, it has a spacious interior that guarantees a pleasant trip with the family even with a lot of baggage in tow.


3. Volvo V90


One of the newest station wagons in the market, the Volvo V90 takes pride on its extravagant interior and easy-to-use car features. The Volvo V90 premium cabin perfectly matches it luxurious exterior. Aside from looks, this car is comfortable to drive. Additionally, it is powered by a roaring engine that is matched by amazing handling to making driving an enjoyable feat. Since it is one of the newest rides in the city, you can expect to bring advanced driving technologies that can make every trip exciting.


4. Audi Allroad


The Audi Allroad is a perfect combination of beautiful looks, amazing appeal, luxurious cabin space, and awesome performance in a station wagon. It provides snug seating for you and your passengers. Its top-notch handling makes driving easy for you even if it takes hours to get to your destination. It guarantees a stable drive around the city and outside of it.

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