4 Best Used Subarus to Buy in Libertyville

Japanese brand Subaru is one of the biggest automotive manufacturers in the world. The company is founded in 1953 and it has been producing some of the best vehicles for more than six decades. As a Japanese brand, you can be sure that their vehicles are high-quality and these cars deliver top-notch performance. If you are planning on buying a Subaru in Libertyville, it is smart to buy it used because you get to enjoy almost the same experience as a new one but at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the best options you have in Libertyville.


1. Ascent


One of the most good-looking midsize SUVs in the market, the Ascent is highly sought after not only for its appearance but for its performance as well. This car is built with a solid chassis that guarantees a stable drive all the time. Even when you go a bit off-road, you will not feel shaken up in this ride. It ensures balanced handling that works well even on unpaved roads. This car offers a lot of cabin space for you and your family. It has a premium interior that complements its beautiful exterior. As a final touch, it carries a lot of advanced techs that make driving fun and safe at the same time.


2. BRZ


If you want to drive fast, then the BRZ is your best bet. This limited-edition vehicle comes out with only a few hundred units every model year. Therefore, it really attracts purist drivers who have a need for speed. The handling and grip of this car are superb to ensure a safe drive even at a high speed. Its tires are designed to stick well on the road especially when turning while the rev is up. Its steering wheel is ultra-responsive, which makes driving an absolute delight.


3. Forester


The Forester is the vehicle for you and your growing family. It is a reliable compact SUV that is ahead of its class. Although it is considered in the compact SUV category, it is a bulky ride that offers ample cabin space for the whole family. Bringing a huge haul during a long trip will never be a problem with the Forester. Passenger seat space is also abundant and comfortable in this car. Hence, it is a top choice especially for large groups who go on long road trips together. On top of these, it is one of the safest cars so there is no need to worry even if you drive it from one state to another.


4. Impreza


For those who are not huge risk-takers, the Impreza is a competitive sedan that you can easily purchase pre-owned. If you are being a bit quirky, you can purchase its hatchback version. The sedan and hatchback variants both offer amazing fuel efficiency. Therefore, either car is highly recommended for city driving. Their compact size also makes it easy to maneuver in tight streets and allows even a newbie to park quickly in a limited space.

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