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With vehicles becoming more reliable each day, many vehicle owners have started taking driving for granted. Although breakdowns might not be common, they are unfortunate things that still happen, which is why it is important for vehicle owners to be prepared in emergency situations while driving. A car emergency kit is a crucial item to carry in any Subaru in Libertyville.


Anyone who has broken down on a rural road understands how hard it is to find help. The situation can easily become very frustrating and helpless for drivers. Today, most cars come with spare tires, jacks, and inflator kits to help in case of breakdowns. However, there are numerous situations that require more than a spare tire. Below are some of the important things to include in an emergency kit.


Jumper Cables


These are very important in case of a vehicle breakdown. The battery can decide to give up at the least appropriate time. Using the cables with a jump from a passing motorist can help get the affected driver to the nearest service station. It is also important to pack an extra battery in case there is no one in the vicinity to offer help.


Fire Extinguisher


A fire extinguisher is a very important part of an emergency kit. However, some retail emergency kits do not include them. Fire extinguishers are normally rated as class “B” or “C.”  The former is specific to fires caused by flammable liquids like diesel, gasoline, and kerosene fuel. On the other hand, the class C types are used for flare-ups caused by energized electrical equipment. Such fires can be caused by switches, batteries, and panel boxes.


Car Fluids And Tools


The most common causes of trouble on the roadside are flat tires. However, not everyone can change a flat tire. This is where tools like tire inflators and sealants come in handy as they can help such drivers get back on the road. Other items that can help avert crisis situations include extra motor oil, pliers, adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, and coolants.


First Aid Kit


This is a must-have item in any driver’s emergency kit. It can help take care of small injuries, and in some cases, serious accident wounds. Vehicle owners can buy pre-packed first aid kits with everything important or assemble them based on their needs. If they have small children, medications are a must in first aid kits.


Food, Water, And Personal Effects


In case a vehicle owner gets stuck in a disabled car, clean water and food can help them survive the ordeal. Long-lasting food like energy bars, granola, and bottled water are necessary emergency kit items. Other important things include blankets or sleeping bags to help stranded persons get through cold nights. These can come in handy especially in winter.

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