3 Best Subaru cars for snow in Libertyville

Driving a Subaru during winter when the roads in Libertyville are all covered with thick snow can be challenging. However, with the right car of choice, you can have a safe and enjoyable drive even when snow is blanketing the streets. Moreover, it is important to have a car that you drive even during winter especially when an emergency happens. To help you with choosing a winter car, here are some of the best ones that you should look into.


1. Crosstrek


The Crosstrek is a highly flexible SUV that guarantees top-notch handling, which is perfect for winter driving. Its amazing handling allows any driver to easily control and maneuver the car even when the roads are covered with snow, making them wet and slippery. It carries a powerful engine that scores amazing fuel economy. Therefore, it is a bit cheaper to drive compared to other SUVs in the market due to its significant mileage.


This subcompact SUV offers a large interior space for passengers and cargo alike. Since it has a powerful engine, it can easily drive even a heavy haul. Moreover, it can easily power through thick snow so it is an ideal car to have for winter driving. Furthermore, this car is designed to conquer the roughest terrains so it has no problem tackling off-road routes. On paved roads, it is a beast and can easily go on full speed when needed.


Overall, the Crosstrek is elegantly designed and is an athlete when driven. It can easily be a rugged ride when the need for it arises.


2. Outback


If you need a large ride during winter, the Outback is a good car to consider. It offers ample cabin space that can cater to a large group and lots of baggage. The newer Outback models arrive with improved designs, which makes it look more luxurious. Therefore, you don’t have to settle for bland-looking vehicles when you are in need of a winter car.


This station wagon is a reliable car to have during winter because it has the power and cabin space that can support a family traveling during days when the streets are snow-covered. Additionally, its standard all-wheel-drive makes it easier for the driver to operate this car even when snow is heavily falling. It is a trusted car during winter and it is one of the safest options around.


As an added perk, the Outback carries an advanced infotainment system that can make travel during winter enjoyable. The newer Outback variants are compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


3. Forester


The Forester is a winter car the guarantees amazing fuel economy. Based on tests, this vehicle showed great mileage. Aside from that, this is a spacious car that can cater to you and your family’s needs when you need to travel during winter.


This car has great features to keep you safe on the road even when the streets are slippery and covered with snow. It has advanced features that make driving it during winter easy even for a newbie driver.

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