What Are Shocks And Struts?

Hitting the road with a Subaru Impreza is a great way to get around Libertyville. Most of the time, a Subaru Impreza will offer a beautiful and pleasant ride. However, if a vehicle part has worn out, then problems can begin to occur.

There are many components that make up a car, and all of them are very important in their own ways. However, the shocks and struts of a car hold a particular importance, especially when it comes to controlling how steady one's car is.

To make things clear, shocks and struts are two different car parts, and they cannot be used interchangeably, even though people often do mistake them to be the same thing. Each vehicle is designed to specifically use only shocks or only struts. Sometimes, the front wheels will use shocks whereas the back wheels will use struts. Whatever the case is, they cannot be replaced with one another or interchanged.

The biggest difference between the two is that a strut is actually a vital component of the car when it comes to suspension, aligning angles and steering. Struts also contain a coil spring which is absent in a shock. Both of them are similar in the sense that they have the same main function, which is to prevent bouncing and oscillation in a vehicle.

These two components do not have to be replaced on a regular basis, but only need to be replaced when they stop working the way they should. What are some major signs that could possibly mean that one's shock or strut system is failing to work the way it was initially designed to?

Well, since these components focus on keeping a car steady and preventing bouncing and oscillation, then the first sign that something is out of order is if the wheels of a car start bouncing. This will be incredibly noticeable when one goes over a bump. The shocks and struts are supposed to absorb the bounce. However, if they are not working properly, then the car will continue to bounce even after going over the bump.

Another factor that can be significantly affected by failing shocks and struts is that one's car loses its stability. A car may begin to become imbalanced at the front or the back depending on which parts are not working properly anymore. Turning can also lead to very unstable dips when these components fail to do their job.

Getting one's shocks and struts replaced is an important part of maintaining one car. If one feels like their vehicle is imbalanced or bouncing more than usual, then an evaluation is highly recommended.

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