The Takata Airbag Recall

The Takata Airbag Recall

Driving a Subaru in Libertyville is a real treat and is usually a seamless drive. Vehicles are usually built with the strongest and most durable materials, but there are some cases in which a car part does not work the way that it should.

It is a normal occurrence for drivers to have to go and get certain parts of their car replaced due to it being worn out or being used the wrong way, but there are certain cases in which the malfunctioning is not the driver's fault in the least.

Sometimes, the malfunctioning of a car part is universal and every car with that particular product, or most cars that have that part installed in them fail to work the way that they should. When this happens, then it is the manufacturer's fault and product recalls usually take place.

A product recall is basically when a manufacturer or company makes a public announcement that one of their products have been found to be defective and will not work the way that they are expected to. The defective nature of a product is usually only determined after multiple accidents and complaints are reported to the company.

Before a car product hits the market, it has to undergo an extreme amount of testing and standardization. Despite all the testing, there are still some products that turn out to be faulty. One of these products was the recent Takata airbag disaster.

The Takata airbag was designed to work like any other airbag and act as a life-saving mechanism during an accident. Airbags are designed to protect one from the impact of more dangerous objects in case a crash happens to occur. However, the Takata airbag was not able to fulfill its requirements and actually caused 15 deaths.

The problem with the Takata airbag seems to be with the metal piece that inflates the airbag. When an impact occurs, then pieces of the metal can explode out and hit the passengers. The cause of the problem is most likely because the propellant did not have a chemical drying agent.

The Takata airbags were installed in vehicles throughout 2002-2015 and therefore is leading to an absolutely massive recall. This recall is of particular importance because the defective nature of the product actually took the lives of 15 individuals, which is no small sum, especially since the deaths were caused by a device that was created to save them.

A driver can tell if their vehicle is a part of this recall by checking online and using one's vehicle information to determine if they are on the list or not.

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