3 Tips For Keeping A Car Clean With Small Kids

When one purchased their new car from a Subaru dealership in Libertyville, there’s no doubt  it was in absolutely pristine condition. Many individuals often reminisce about the days they had a perfectly clean car that they could show off to family and friends. As the years go by, one’s car can get really messy on the inside, particularly if one has small children. Anyone with small kids knows how much effort is required to keep one's vehicle in even slightly good condition.

The snacks, the toys, the vomit, and quite often the mid-ride potty accidents can turn one's automobile into a horror story if it's not cleaned up on a regular basis.

There are three tips parents or drivers who drive small children around need to keep in mind if they want to keep their Subaru in good shape:

1. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are the holy grail product to keep in vehicles with small children. Kids will throw around everything and anything they get their hands on, and that is why plastic bags should be on hand at all times. Keep a plastic bag for garbage, plastic bags for vomit, and a plastic bag for things that need to be taken back home such as toys.

2. Be Regular

Cleaning on a daily basis is essential to keep one's car looking clean. Even two trips out with the kids without cleaning can result in some serious damage. Having plastic bags in the car already will make everything easier because one simply needs to fill them up. Having wipes or tissues on board is also important because then, a person can easily wipe the car seats and other areas at the end of the ride.

3. No Snacks

All parents will agree that snacks and drinks are the number one culprits when it comes to creating messes in the car. The obvious solution may be to keep all snacks out of the vehicle, but this is easier said than done, especially with parents who have screaming infants and toddlers who get very car sick. A snack can literally be the difference between a miserable ride of screaming and crying or a peacefully quiet ride in which the children are busy gobbling down their snacks and drinks. Since it is hard to kick snacks out of the picture altogether, then at least those snacks that can easily melt or that create a lot of crumbs should be avoided as much as possible.

Having plastic bags on hand, cleaning up regularly, and steering clear of messy snacks can significantly improve the look of one's vehicle and make one's car a much cleaner place to drive in.

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