Why Sedans Make Excellent Cars

When people choose a 4-door sedan, they know they have plenty of options available. This is because the simple, 4-door design is a popular choice among families and single adults alike. Contrary to popular belief, sedans are far from boring. Modern sedans are known for their practical body style, excellent mileage, and quality features. Use this guide to learn more about the great sedans and why they are the perfect mode of transportation.

The Overall Price Vs. Value

The price tag is often the deciding factor when it comes to a car purchase. Most sedans have a very practical price tag, making them very accessible to most people. It is important to remember when purchasing a vehicle that the initial price tag is not the only cost of ownership. One thing that makes sedans stand out is its low cost of ongoing maintenance. Many manufacturers strive to make their parts more affordable to the average car owner.

Under the Hood

Sedans aren’t known for their impressive horsepower, instead, they focus on practical features and mileage. The goal is to allow the driver to pick up speed and easily maneuver around city streets.

A Practical Size

While a sedan may seem small, especially when compared to the trucks and SUVs at the dealership, they have a lot of hidden space. Families typically find seating for five with plenty of legroom and trunk space. Sedans may also have roof racks to allow for extra luggage storage. The right sedan may also be able to pull a small trailer if additional space is needed.


Gas mileage is another deciding factor when it comes to buying a new vehicle. As many people strive to reduce their carbon footprint, they are turning to vehicles that are more energy efficient. While electric cars may be out of a person’s price range, they still want something that provides a practical amount of mileage. For example, a standard 2017 Subaru Impreza in Libertyville gets up to 28 city and 38 highway miles per gallon. This helps drivers save money every time they drive.

Low Ongoing Maintenance

The deciding factor in choosing a sedan is often the maintenance factors. Not only will the dealership help with regular maintenance and wear and tear, drivers can rest assured knowing they have quality on their side. Sturdy sedans are known for having durable parts that can withstand the strain of daily use. While all cars need maintenance going forward, the Impreza’s durability can give drivers peace of mind.

Sedans have a lot to offer the average driver. Whether a person needs to haul a family of five or their work equipment, the practical size of the sedan can help. With low-maintenance features and smaller price point, they make an excellent investment for the average Libertyville driver.

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