Great Locations to Try Off-Roading

After Libertyville residents purchase an excellent SUV like the Subaru Outback, they are eager to go on an adventure. Whether they are looking for something close to town or they want to make off-roading a key part of their vacation, they can. Here are a few great road trip ideas that include plenty of designated spots for off-roading adventurers.

Florida Everglades

While driving in winter can be an adventure on its own, many drivers prefer to head towards warmer weather. Those planning on a Florida vacation can check out the Everglades, a huge natural swampland that is home to several endangered species. While many of the areas surrounding the Everglades are under water, there are many designated off-roading locations for drivers to explore. Those feeling less adventurous may want to try driving tours.

Lake Michigan

You don’t have to travel far to find exotic adventures. In warmer weather, Lake Michigan is a great place to find natural trails and off-roading opportunities. This is an excellent option for drivers who are looking for a short getaway, rather than a cross-country adventure.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the most popular road trip locations. Not only does it involve a lot of driving to get to the national park, many of the tours offered involve going off the beaten path. Much like the rest of Arizona, the Grand Canyon offers an agreeable climate throughout most of the year. Those wanting to continue the off-roading adventure can drive through the Painted Desert, another national park located in Arizona.

Hollister, California

Hollister is also known for its excellent year-round climate. The warm California sun makes a road trip very worthwhile, even when coming all the way from Libertyville. The city is known for its proximity to multiple state and national parks that offer off-roading experiences. Trails vary in length and difficulty, so beginners shouldn’t have too much trouble finding a driving experience that works for them.

Local Illinois Off-Roading Adventures

Believe it or not, Illinois is home to some of the best off-roading experiences in the country. While these vehicle recreation areas may not be open year-round due to weather, they are an excellent way to get started with off-roading. Keep in mind that some trails are more beginner-friendly than others, so be sure to ask before driving to a specific park.

While most people purchasing a new vehicle aren’t planning on off-roading any time soon, that doesn’t mean the vehicle isn’t perfect for long road trips and adventures. Explore your car’s many features and see how they can be beneficial on a cross-country trip.

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