Subaru Impreza—What You Need to Know

Subaru was originally a Japanese car model, but its uniqueness has made it popular among car fanatics making it gain a large market share in the industry. Drivers of the Subaru Impreza in Libertyville confess that the car is fun to drive as it offers user comfort and satisfaction. The automaker has integrated the all-wheel drive functionality into the car, making it fit for all road conditions. Powertrain and turbocharger functionalities have considerably improved the car’s performance.

Subaru Impreza is a fabulous car in the brand series having a unique position among the brand models. The car comes with a roomy, compact design and is available in both the five-door hatchback and sedan body styles. It undoubtedly offers the best of rides concerning comfort, agility, and security. Besides, the car cabin is noticeably impressively quiet.

Why is the Car Unique?

The Subaru Impreza profile is constantly on the rise. It comes in all-wheel drive and running on all four flat-four engines, a mechanical character that is not typical with most car models. The car price is competitive and has had the highest prominence among the car users. Despite the car being introduced after other super brands in the industry, it continues to soar and gain popularity due to its sharp performance. The interior décor of the car makes it suitable for use in diverse climates, making it a preferred choice for colder and snowier locations.

The Subaru Impreza in Libertyville joined the market in 2017, but its origin is traced to the car’s first generation in 1993. The car is the basis for the WRX model but has no subcompact of any car. Today, there are eight versions of the of the car’s fifth generation. All the versions are powered by 2.0 liter of it four-cylinder engines with a horsepower rating of 152 from the massive base power plant improving its performance. The car does not have an upgrade option, but any further advancement points towards high performance oriented WRX model. The base models operate on manual transmission and are designed on five forward gears. However, the competition is moving to at least six gears. The automatic transmission system (CVT) is optional in the base vehicles.

Variety is the Hallmark

The Impreza car models in Libertyville are available in base, sport, premium, and the limited trim. The base models have Starlink multimedia systems, which integrate cell phones in the car’s entertainment system. They also come with a rear camera view, Eyesight packages, and a power sunroof higher for the trim levels. The wagon models have rail roofs for carrying cargo. The models use a remote starting systems, LED headlamps, and leather seating in the interior décor.

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