Subaru Dealerships in Libertyville

The auto market in Libertyville is astounding. Subaru sales are considerably on the rise in the recent years. This upshot in dominance of the car brand hinges on the improved performance of the car and advanced functionalities of the model. All the Subaru dealers in Libertyville supply all six models with a standard symmetrical four wheel-drive, except the BRZ model. This advanced feature on the car has drawn the attention of buyers, making it a strong car brand among the town residents. Car dealers supply both the new and used car in the town.

What Dealers Say About Used Subaru Cars

Subaru brand continues to gain popularity among the users of both new and used models. This has prompted some owners to sell the current cars to the dealers and acquire new ones. This has enhanced an influx of used cars in good condition in the market. The dealers have refurbished the cars and maintained them in desirable shape for new users. The cars are quite affordable but well maintained by the dealer mechanics and the sales staff. Dealers aim at providing the best services to their customers by dispensing world-class services that meet the customer demands in the region.

Car Dealer Services in Libertyville

Dealers of Subaru in Libertyville provide a range of services to the clients. This is not limited to car sales, car repairs, and supply of the car spare parts. From the dealers, a customer can acquire any of the six models. They also provide cars on loan or car leases to the residents of the locality. Low rates are available to encourage the car loyalists to acquire the cars of their choice. The dealers have expansive showrooms from where the buyers can select the car of their choice with the aid of the company mechanics and other professionals. In precision, the car dealers provide the buyers with car repair, service centers, and the auto parts. They also provide affordable financial plans to secure a car.

Subaru Car Models and Their Prices

According to the latest information by Subaru dealerships in Libertyville, the current car model is the 2018 WRX. The factory price of the car is $25,463. The average market price is $25,846. The 2018 Forester model sells at an average price of $21,949. The Crosstrek trends at the average market price of $21,925, while the 2018 Legacy goes for an average market price of $ 20,950.

The Outback has more advanced features making it a higher-priced model at an average market price of $24,380. The Impreza is the least in cost of the models, selling at an average market price of $18,484. The price of the BRZ new model is yet to be unveiled in Libertyville.

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